Reflexões de Liderança

Reflexões de Liderança

Um conjunto das nossas reflexões sobre o papel dos mercados emergentes na economia mundial.

A Tale of Two State-Owned Enterprises

Smart policy and company management can help improve business results as exemplified in Korea and India.

Managing Indian Equities

Opportunities and lessons from managing Indian equity investments for a decade.

Emerging Markets in a U.S. Growth Environment

Emerging markets have become more resilient to external shocks.

Pollution and Clean Energy in Asia

Asia’s clean energy investments surge in the face of worsening pollution.

India: Teflon-coated Economy?

India’s rebound following the novel demonetization drive may signal a turning point for politics.

China - The Tightrope Walk

China must walk a fine line between stability and growth amid protectionist rhetoric in the years ahead.

Asian Lifestyle

Asians are living in a world of experiences with hierarchy of needs tracing well-being and having fun categories.

Mirae Asset LENS Issue 8 Part II

FinTech: Reshaping Finance in Asia

Mirae Asset Brazil Macro Strategy

Q&A with Andre Pimentel, Director of Investments in Mirae Asset Global Investments (Brazil)

Mirae Asset LENS Issue 8 Part I

Autonomous & Electric Vehicles: Smartphones on Wheels

2017 Emerging Markets Outlook

Rebalancing Growth

Brazil’s Comeback

Brazil has turned the corner and is, once again, presenting itself as an attractive investment opportunity.